Slot Machines in a row

It's not a distant past when the slot machine player was the second class citizens for the casinos. Jackpots with slot machine were small. The payout percentage was horrendous. Slot players were also not eligible for the complimentary bonuses like free rooms, meals that are many times given to table players.

In the last few decades, the face of the casino industry has completely changed. More than 70% of the revenue for the casinos comes through the online slot machines. There are almost 50% more slot players than table games. For newcomers, personal interaction with the players and with a dealer can be intimidating. Also, the most lifestyle-changing jackpots are offered on the slots.

How to Play

Even today the most popular video slot games are penny and nickel video slots. The dealing is in 2 cents, 10 cents, quarter or dollar. Players can place a variety of bets with so options. Also, each player will be able to play at their own pace.

Video slots have a simple build, and you have to push a single button to activate the pay lines. There is also a button to adjust the wagering amount and bets. Videos slots are available with 5, 15, 20, 25 even 50 pay lines which accepts up to 25 coins per line. With a spin reel button, you will open yourself to great winnings.

The standard set of symbols include playing cards, diamonds, riches, cherries, bar. Now, each type on a slot machine carries a value which can be read in rules and regulations. While some are high paying values, a combination will reward highly, while others like playing cards are lower value symbol and carry less worth than the others.

There are scatter symbols, wild symbols. Landing on the right combination can also trigger the jackpot, which will give you a reward which is rare and huge. Apart from the pot, there are small bonuses as well. Many of these will provide either a free spin or will double the winnings of that particular bet.

Winnings are added to the credit meter. When you want to cash out, you can push the cash out button to add the winnings to your wallet.


While there were a lot of etiquettes which the players followed while playing at a physical casino, now playing a slot machine right from the comfort of your home online has made it easy to play it just for excitement. There are etiquettes or rules and regulations that a player needs to follow for public acceptance. All the rules are that of a casino on which the player is playing the game.


Payout percentages for casinos by slot machine have increased. Casinos figured out that it is more profitable to hold 5% of a dollar rather than holding 8% of a quarter or 10% of nickel. It has lead to enormous revenue growth. Payouts are more frequent on video slots. It is important to remember that in the long run, the casino will always be in profit; however, it does not mean that there is no chance for a player to win a jackpot. The game is all about luck, and you can any day win 150% of what you put in several dozen pulls.

The device today are programmed with a random number generator that can create a winning combination. Online reels are free of many restrictions and thus can anytime form any combination. However, winning a pot is rare.

Slot strategies

The slot is the most manageable game to play at any casino and is a game of luck. Players will have no control on what combinations will show up. The three major types of slots are multipliers, buy-a-pay, and a progressive slot.


On multiplier, payoffs are proportionate for each coin played except for the jackpot. Thus, the maximum coin to be played is to be decided.


Never pay less than the maximum on buy-a-pay, on which each coin buys a set of symbol or pay lines. Here all symbols are activated with each coin. Thus, winnings do not depend on how much you bet, and it rather depends on the value of the symbol appearing on the reel.


It would help if you played for the maximum. Here you get the percentage of each coin played. The overall winning percentage depends on how much you bet.