• Research and Development ...

    Electronic Product Design ...

    ... and Manufacture

  • To design the latest products you need advanced technology

    We conduct independent R&D to give you the innovative edge

  • For Electronics Development and Software design

    We think "Right First Time" is important...

    We believe process is "Paramount"

  • For an Optimised product

    We believe "In House" Industrial design Is Essential...

  • We designed the plasmajet from concept through to production and continue today to provide full engineering support.

    We understand the value of a Single Source Solution....
  • Our understanding of thermal dynamics, motor control & precision electronics ensured the fuel valve of the Meteor BVRAAM missile performed faultlessly on the first test launch.

    We believe 17 years of Engineering Skill & Experience is important....

  • Our understanding of firmware, power electronics and advanced battery management technology allowed us to create a lung trainer that exceeded performance requirements and passed approvals for EN60601.

    We believe In depth Regulatory Knowledge is paramount.....

  • When our team designed a remote, multi array Electrical Impedance Tomography device, it was quickly recognised as the most accurate in the world.

    We understand Disruptive Innovation ...

  • Our Dreamboard capture process empowered the team at Lumotics to visualise a product more capable than their expectations.

    We believe Going the Extra Mile is worthwhile......
  • By managing risk at every part of the development process for this SMS temperature alarm for pets in vehicles,

    our client paid exactly what we quoted.

    We believe Fixed Price is important.....

  • In 2011 we designed all the LED Lights for a UK manufactured Supercar, completed from concept to EMC compliant production units in less than 10 weeks.

    We think Speed to Market is important...


ML Electronics creatively designs new products in regulatory controlled markets from concept to prototype, approval, pre-production and small batch assembly
The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create it

-Abraham Lincoln


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